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If you're worried about the impact of coronavirus on your business and vehicle fleet, we want to reassure you that we're here to help. Our Social Media will always have the latest information about how we can support you and will be regularly updated as the situation changes.

If you do need to contact us, please be aware that we are receiving a higher number of calls than usual. Our priority is to protect our services for those customers that needs us most so we ask that if your visit or call is not urgent, you leave the way clear for us to help them first. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us by emailing and we will respond to all requests within 24hrs.

If you do need our support and really need to speak to someone, please feel free to call us and we will do our best to deal with your requests swiftly.


Phone numbers and opening hours

As more of our colleagues become personally affected by the coronavirus situation, we have had to make some changes to our office opening hours. We'll keep this page updated as the situation changes and you can also follow us on social media for regular updates.


0333 444 2021 - Head Office

CustomersProducts / Services*Information & Opening Hours
New & ExistingAll Pure & Fleet Management Products9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday

0333 444 2022 - Driver Helpline

CustomersProducts / Services*Phone OptionInformation & Opening Hours
AllVehicle Breakdown & Assistance, Recovery, Home Start, Relay, Onward Travel1,124 / 7 / 365 Days
Speak to Technician / Advisor1,38.30am - 6pm
Monday to Friday
Servicing Booking & Assist, Book Replacement Tyres, Maintenance Repairs and Foreign Travel28.30am - 6pm
Monday to Friday
Report/request an update on an Accident or repairs2,124 / 7 / 365 Days
Daily Rental Vehicle & Relief Vehicle Bookings2,28.30am - 6pm (Bookings)
Monday to Friday
Contracts Team3,29am - 5pm
Monday to Friday
Pure Leasing will endeavour to support drivers wherever, whenever possible. However, some of the above services are optional and are only available if they have been requested at the time your lease agreement was taken out. Please check when you receive your vehicle and driver handbook or speak to the Contracts Team to see what cover is included or if you wish to add a service or product.
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