Guide & FAQs to Returning your Vehicle

In the event your car registration doesn’t appear, please call us on 0333 444 2021 or email

If you are renewing your lease with Pure Leasing, where possible we will also try and arrange collection of your existing vehicle on the same day as delivery of your new vehicle to make the transition as smooth as possible. For those not renewing their lease contract, please complete the vehicle collection request form as soon as possible.

If your vehicle has a private registration plate (also known as a cherished plate), it is your responsibility to
have it put onto retention prior to the vehicle collection. This process may take up to 6 weeks. For more
information on cherished plate transfers, speak to the Pure Leasing Team on 0333 444 2021.

  • Make sure your car is clean and tidy, inside and out

  • Check that the handbook, service book and any other relevant documentation provided on delivery are left in the car

  • We’ll need both sets of keys, so don’t forget to bring them with you on the day. Please also ensure all accessories and equipment provided on delivery are also in the vehicle, this includes charging cables

  • Spotted any damage? Contact our team to log damage that you think falls outside of the BVRLA guidelines

  • Don’t forget the insurance will cease when the car is collected. This means that once your car is collected we can’t repair any major damage via the insurance

  • It’s important to remove all personal items from inside the vehicle, including paperwork and documents

  • Remove your personal details from the connected car services (sat nav and mobile/app connected devices) and restore to factory settings

  • The vehicle will need to have a valid service and MOT (if applicable) and legal tyres. In the event our collection agents finds the vehicle unroadworthy or illegal to drive (e.g. doesn’t have a valid MOT) the collection will be aborted and rearranged. An abortive collection charge will apply.

  • Leave at least ¼ tank of fuel in the vehicle. Driving an electric? It’ll need to be fully charged for collection purposes

What happens next?
We’ll check the car over to see if there’s any damage according to the BVRLA fair wear & tear guide. The collection agent
will look over the vehicle and ask you to sign a collection sheet. Please make sure you are happy with the comments
made on the handover sheet. It’s really important that the handover is completed by you, however we know that this is
not always possible. If you can’t complete the handover, then you can choose someone to do this on your behalf

Due to tax considerations if the vehicle is leased through a corporate master hire agreement in the name of a business, Pure Leasing will be unable to sell, invoice or register the vehicle to the company named on the lease agreement (the “Lessee”), or to a director of the Lessee or their partner or spouse, or a company with a financial link to the Lessee.

A vehicle will only be sold on the understanding that it will be registered to a private individual or third-party company with no financial links to the person or company named on the lease agreement. Cleared funds must be received prior to the lease end date otherwise the vehicle will be collected.

The Pure Leasing Team will be happy to help and support you with any enquiries that you may have regarding the purchase of your lease vehicle by a third party.

Please contact us on 0333 444 2021 or email

Request an extension

How do I extend my lease?

There is the option to extend your car lease. This is an agreement between you and Pure Leasing, which extends the date of the contract beyond its original period.

  • Informal extension
  • Formal extension

Informal lease extension

Otherwise known as extended hire or a rolling contract, an informal extension enables you to use the vehicle beyond its contract date. This short-term option often comes in handy in the transition period for a new lease deal. However, the car can be recalled anytime, and only safety related items will be covered under a maintenance contracts.

As there is no contract end date, if the vehicle requires excessive repairs during the informal lease period, Pure Leasing may request the vehicle to be returned and decline any major work needed.

12-month Formal lease extension

Just like it sounds, a formal lease extension is a formal agreements between you and Pure Leasing. This enables you to extend your lease term for a further 12 months. This option means you’ll receive a modified agreement with the new details and a revised monthly rental that will be calculated. The key benefits of a formal extension is that you are guaranteed the use of the vehicle throughout the formal lease period and it will cover all routine servicing, maintenance, tyres & repairs where necessary. In order to qualify for a formal extension, your vehicle cannot be older than 48-months.

If you would like Pure Leasing to consider the above options, please let us know by completing the below form.

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Vehicle Collection Request Form

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Please note that collection times are between 8am and 6pm. For collections outside of the GB mainland (Isle of Man, Shetland Isles, Jersey or Northern Ireland) please b aware that we may need to contact you to discuss your collection needs

Submit Collection request

One last thing to remember, your vehicle must be insured until the physical collection has taken place. The insurance liability will only then transfer to the collection agent. If they cannot facilitate the collection on the day the vehicle was scheduled to be collected for any reason, it must remain fully insured by you until the collection can be rearranged. If you need more information please call us on 0333 444 2021